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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Your lips needs nourishment and care just as the rest of your skin. The skin on your lips are sensitive and are easily affected by harsh weather, sun and lifestyle.

You are to provide your lips the care they need for it to remain soft and luscious.

This is the time of the year weather affects your skin and most especially your lips. It's time to pay attention to your lips to avoid, chapped or peeled lips.

Hydrating your lips always will prevent them from getting dry and chapped and this will also moisturize your lips making them soft.

Making Your Own Lip Balm

Isn't it awesome that you can create your own 100% natural lip balm, customizing it to suit your taste in less than 15mins?

Having the basic ingredients and prepping it with other natural colors and fragrance, this can be real fun. And these are ingredients that are readily available even in your kitchen cabinet.

For this exercise, we will be making 100g of lip balm

Ingredients to need

Beeswax (10grams)

Sweet Almond Oil/Sea Buckthorn (30grams)

Cocoa Butter (25grams)

Coconut Oil (15grams)

Vitamin E (0.5grams) or 2 capsules

Coloring Powder (1.5grams)

Prepping your lip balm with colors and some fragrance, for this exercise, i will use;

Spirulina Powder

Vanilla Essential Oil

Acai Berry Powder

You will also need a jar or tube for storing and preservation

Add Sea Buckthorn oil, Beeswax and Cocoa Butter in a heat resistance jar or you can use the Pyrex bottle as seen in the picture. Create a double boiler to heat your ingredients on your stove.

Once they melt, add the rest ingredients;

Coconut oil,

Vitamin E,

Essential oil and

Coloring (plant Extracts), whisk and transfer into tubes or jar whichever is your preference.

If you want a minty feel, add peppermint essential oil instead.

Now you have your own homemade Lip balm, go ahead and moisturize your lips.

This could make a great gift for friends and family, the love season is not yet over.

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