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Xtracta Skincare Laboratory

Expert in plant-based skincare solution for your indie beauty brand

Skincare chemist

Whether you are looking for a complete organic/natural skincare formulation or you want to adjust existing formulation, we are here to help you.


We provide bespoke and innovative natural/organic skincare formulation services tailored for you, to help you translate your concept to reality.


We also offer customized private labeling for your product lines.


skincare formulation services


Formulation Services we offer

​Cream, Lotion, Gels, Serum, Cleanser, Active Face Oils and

Spa Products


  • We provide you with the best supplier 

  • Excel sheet for batch formulation

  • Product Development

  • Stock Inventory and Suppliers Sheet 

  • NAFDAC registration process and guide (Nigerian's Only) 

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