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Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is a precious, rich and exotic oil extracted from a nut of a tree that produces green fruits. Mostly grown around the coastal areas. The Polynesians where it is native calls it the miracle oil because of its moisturizing healing and sun protecting properties.

They use it both on their skin and hair and this is the oil they can die for, no wonder is known as the green gold. It be found in other coastal regions like in India, Africa, Malaysia and Australia. Do not get confused when you see names like kamanu, poon oil, ballnut tree oil, punna oil, domba oil, palo maria oil, laurelwood oil, calophyllum oil, they are all same oil.

Antibacterial, antioxidant, antiinflammatory and antibiotics are the chemical compositions and nutrients found in tamanu oil which gives it the nourishing and moisturizing effects it has on the skin and hair.

The Linoleic acid found in this oil makes it ideal for acne and psoriasis treatment, rating 2 in comedogenic oils.

The benefits are numerous;

  1. Wrinkle treatment

  2. Nail conditioning.

  3. Acne scar and blemish removal.

  4. Wound healing and rashes.

You can not afford not to have this greengold as an ingredient in your skincare collection. Feed your skin with Xtracta products, nature's best and you can never go wrong.

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