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Home-made Hand Sanitizer

Do you have hand sanitizer? No, out of stock!!! This has been a regular occurrence for most people. Now in this blog, i will share with you two major ingredients to make your own hand sanitizer. 99% based alcohol unlike what is sold in supermarket or drug stores. Ingredients required to make 270ml. Hand Sanitizer

  1. Aloe vera gel

  2. Isopropyl alcohol

  3. Mixing bowl

  4. Spoon / Stirrer

  5. Empty clean bottle

  6. Essential oil (Optional)

You can substitute Isopropyl alcohol with undiluted Gin (Ogogoro) but be sure you know the source as the alcohol percentage is essential. But for this exercise, i will be using Isopropyl alcohol. I wouldn't bore you with the percentage measurement, so i will measure in cups to give you the quantity in grams and mil. Measure out 113g (1/3cup) of Aloe vera and 157ml (2/3cup) of Isopropyl alcohol. Pour the two ingredients into your mixing bowl and whisk with spoon or the stirrer as seen in the video. When they are well mixed and bound together, add 8-10 drops of essential oil of your choice to serve as a fragrance. Whisk for the last time, then transfer to the empty bottle and label

Congratulations, you have made for yourself hand sanitizer that can kill 99% bacteria.


The more thick it is, the less alcohol percentage content in your sanitize

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